Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Weight loss without planning has never worked for me. Why? Well, because I did not see the reality. I would not say I lied to myself, but I did not want to know the truth. I just tricked myself every each day.

  • I am sure you are familiar with the "I will start my weight loss diet tomorrow" self-deception. The meaning behind this sentence: it will start tomorrow, but I can eat what ever I want today. And I need to pamper myself today, because it will be really hard starting from tomorrow. And I imagine myself eating raw carrots all day, what motivates me to eat a huge muffin today. Probably a second one too... (And "that tomorrow" never comes...)

  • "I have eaten hardly something all day" so I am allowed to eat extra portion at dinner and probably a tub of ice cream after that. Those bites here and there do not count... Licking the spoon, eating the leftover after the kids, eating a small chocolate bar in a hurry, drinking squash and a coke do not cover my calorie needs for a day. (Unfortunately they even exceed it...)

  • If I watch telly while I am eating, somehow the calorie content of my dinner shrinks. (Oh, if it would...)

  • Watching telly makes me hungry. Not very hungry just a little bit to occupy my hands and mouth... Best is pistachios or popcorn ... or crisps...or a bag of m&m's. (Why never cucumber sticks or a chew gum?)

  • I know when to stop eating - when I am full. I just eat the last bites from my plate, because I want to clean it up. Then I eat the leftover from the kids plate - why would it be wasted? And a few bites when I pack all leftover into fridge, just to remember how delicious it was... (While I forgot when to stop eating...)

  • As I haven't had breakfast I can eat a big bag of crisps for snack around 11am. Just to keep my blood sugar level even. 

  • Just only one small piece chocolate brownie is allowed at tea. It has been so small, the right serving size must be the double of that. Okay, just one more piece... And quickly a third one even before I could think about it.... Well, this day is ruined anyway, so let's have another one...

  • Yesterday I behaved very well, so today I can take it easy. I have to suspend my diet  today anyway as I have a lunch invitation... (Who knows what will be offered to me, but that surely will be so tempting that I will not be able to resist)

  • Right, serving size is two table spoon of this. Hm, my husband has about four or five tablespoons of that. I can have one more spoonful, that is still less than his portion... (And he does not mind)

  • Barbecue party? Oh, no... Never mind the rule is that I can have only meat and green salad on the party. That is healthy. But everyone is eating bread rolls and baked potatoes. I cannot be the odd one out... (Honestly, who cares what is on my plate?)

  • I am so busy today, weight loss is no priority now. Really, it is a crisis situation. (Having kids nearly every day is a crisis)

  •  I am so hungry, I could scream. I need to eat something quickly. Now. What is in the fridge? Nothing. Let's order a pizza. Just today, just now. (And tomorrow...)

  • I do not have time/energy to prepare a meal. Let's order a pizza. Just today, just now. (And tomorrow...)
No wonder, there was no result.

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