Wednesday, 7 January 2015


In January about 1.3 million searches run on Google for the "fast weight loss diet" phrase. This is double of the searches in the rest of the year for this phrase. It is understandable, everyone wants to see the result as soon as possible - especially after the Christmas binge. However, it does matter how long this result lasts.

I have just read this on a forum where the topic is weight loss:
"I am doing the 30 days program, I was looking on-line at before and after pics and most peoples stomachs had got smaller but I can't see any improvement in mine. I just feel sooo unmotivated today just feel like giving up."
My question: how much time did it take to gain that extra weight? I guess it must have been more than 30 days. One year? Two? Or more?

I perfectly understand the feeling, though. It would be so good to take a pill and get rid of all extra weight overnight and then carry on eating whatever we want. Unfortunately, the reality is very different.

We are responsible for our own health

The weight loss industry knows about our dream of a magic slimming pill. Actually, a lot of them was built on this dream - and people, like the girl quoted above, pay the price.

It is time to face the fact that we are responsible for our own body. We cannot blame fast food and take way restaurants for our own obesity. Also, we are the only person who can take action and stop this lifestyle. Does not matter how old are you, where you live and what are your circumstances. You are in charge of your own health, your own weight and your own life.
This means that you have to be conscious of your eating habits and lifestyle - and make changes if it is necessary. This is called weight management.

Weight management = weight loss diet?

Weight management is not equal weight loss diet. Weight loss programs can be unhealthy too - just think about fad diets. They are very often far from a balanced, healthy diet: their target is to loose weight as soon as possible, it does not matter what is the price. And the price is usually our health and/or the fact that the result is just temporary. Not to mention the effect on our energy level.

But losing weight is the most common number one advice what we get talking about health problems.

Yes, it is true. But we need to choose a safe and healthy weight loss diet what we can keep up in the long-term and safe. What I am talking about is a lifestyle change.

Ah, lifestyle change

It sounds very scary.

Does it mean that we have to turn our life upside down?
Does it mean that we have to say good-bye to all of our favourite food and forget all the tasty bites?
Does it mean that we have to give up all our comfort?
Does it mean that we need to sweat in the gym every day from now on until... Forever?

Well, I know how hard is this. I experienced both sides: before and after a lifestyle change. And I have to tell you it is not as bad as you think. Probably you have to make some sacrifices, but other, new happy moments will come into your life and you will not understand why did not you do this earlier?

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