Monday, 26 May 2014


Yes, detox week is completed and I feel so good. Here is my summary of the last week.

The last three days were much easier, yoghurt and whole meal toast for breakfast, salad for lunch and yoghurt and fruit for dinner. Before the last day I had some cheese and yesterday 2 boiled eggs too. 
The strangest thing for me is the realization: yes, there is a life without coffee. Actually I did not miss it at all. So I started my day this morning with a cup of green tea, however I know I will go back to the morning-coffee-habit - just because I like the smell and taste of coffee in the morning.  

Final summary: 

I have lost about 2 kg, my skin shows the best and I feel great and so light that I could fly :-) And I just so proud of myself. Family behaved very well - probably they had more yoghurt than normally, as they were inspired by me. My oldest daughter always gives a try to have salad with me, but when she takes it in her mouth this is written in her eyes: why on earth are you so keen on this?! But she desperately wants to solve this mystery :-) 
Looking back the hardest thing was to make the decision, no super-power needed to complete my plan.
But I have to emphasize his diet is only one week and it is not a long term weight loss plan. This cannot be used for a long time as it excludes vital nutrients what our body needs. 

Now I am ready to start my new diet, I am busy to put together next weeks menu. I will show you next week a couple of innovations in my diet/life. 
So it is a beginning of a new era :-)

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