Thursday, 12 March 2015


I always wonder where my time goes. As every mum I have an endless to-do list every day, and - though I am always in a hurry - just a fraction of my duties is done. Now here is the response.
Mother's day special.

Talking to other mums - and of course based on my own experiences I have to say motherhood is a complete transformation. Mums are growing with their expanding role.

When I was mum of one, I thought, one day is not enough. There is just no way to look after a baby and at the same time to do all the housework, cooking etc.

Just watch this little video from Esther Anderson, I am sure most of the mums know this feeling.
I actually do this every day with my two daughters :-)

Well, being a mum of two I can report, it is possible... sometimes. Recently I even have a little time for myself too.

Watching my partner it seems to me that women and men approach differently to the increased load.

Men think:
Given a time frame, one task needs a certain time to be completed, so they do one task after each other and when time runs out, then they stop. They prioritise their tasks and they do their best to get done as many tasks as could fit into the given time frame. The remaining is re-scheduled for the next day.

However women think:
Given a certain amount of task, most of them must be completed within the time frame. So they must find a way to get things done, they
prioritise and plan their tasks,

  • they speed up, 
  • they are getting better in multitasking, 
  • they have to learn compromising (often on the quality), 
  • they make sacrifices (like giving up me-time, or reducing sleep time), and 
  • they very often expand the time frame in order to get as many things done as possible.
  • they ask for help - and god bless anyone who is happy to give a hand :-)

Do not get me wrong, I do not want to dispraise the contribution of dad's, I just noticed this difference in approach. We are different. I also know this is a rough generalization, so please handle it with caution. Plus I have to admit that men are growing with their role of being a dad of one, two or more, but the improvement is much more prominent in the case of a mum.

Happy Mother's Day!

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