Friday, 6 June 2014


If you are overweight or obese it is not because you are a bad person. You are just having difficulties and this is not because you do not want a healthy relationship with food.

Probably you just do not know where to start as you have not had the chance to learn this at home. traditions, habits what we bring from our parental home are very strong. Probably you just have not focused on this problem yet. Or you lost this healthy connection with food because you were concentrating on something else, something more important.
If you are reading this post that means you realised that you have weight problems and you are working on the solution.

Quickly, quickly

Only last month (April 2014) there were 859.390 searches for the expression "quick diets" on Google.
This huge interest is understandable, if you are not happy you would like to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
I have find this comment recently on a forum where topic is weight loss:

"I am doing the 30 days program, I was looking online at before and after pics and most peoples stomachs had got smaller but I can't see any improvement in mine. I just feel sooo unmotivated today just feel like giving up."
Why this person thinks that she should lose her extra weight - what she gained during two-tree-five-ten years - within 30 days? Why she set up an unrealistic expectation for herself? The failure is imminent. Then she will think, oh, this just do not work for me and she goes back to her old, familiar diet what made her fat? So she set up a situation, where she certainly won't be a winner. It is not fair to expect our body to produce a drastic transformation within a unrealistic time frame. The recommended weight loss is not more than 1-2 pounds a week. If we hurry our body it will revenge on us and not just the lost weight, but more will come back. Why is this? If we are fasting, or follow an extreme diet (e.g. High protein diet without any kind of carbohydrates) this will show result very quickly. But our body "thinks" it is crisis and slows down the metabolism which means our body store even more and burn less calories because it starts its "crisis-survival-program". As soon as we finished this extreme diet and go back to our old eating habits, this program will work against us: our body will store even more fat. This is the reason why we gain even more weight back after a quick drastic diet. So if you completed a weight loss diet, but just after that you gained back more weigh then was lost - well that means that this diet is not good, and just lead to the jo-jo effect or sometimes to eating disorders.

The shortcut in weight loss

If you really want to solve your weight problems - not just temporarily but forever - there is one trick: you have to realise that there is no shortcut.
No pills, no magic diet, no specialised weight loss company, no new food product will resolve your problem. The only way to lose weight for ever if you take control over your own mind and body. You have already tried this?
Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is a long term project. Yes, it takes time.
But this can give your a balanced, healthy, slim, attractive and energetic new you forever.
And there are additional benefits too:

  • You will learn trust yourself: you made a promise to yourself to lose x kg within x month/years and you fulfilled this promise
  • You will be confident, and when ever you face difficulties you will know that you are able to resolve them
  • You will be able to take control over other areas of your life with confidence as you know that you are strong and you are able to make the right decision
  • Your will discover your own strength what can change your life
  • Your will be proud of yourself, as you know that you did a hard work and you got the result
  • You will think of yourself as a persistent person
So if you need to lose weight, here is the opportunity to do something amazing and prove to yourself that, yes, you are incredible.

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