Thursday, 2 April 2015


Feeling much better. I got my energy back and my longing after a cup of coffee has eased. What I want to share with you today is not about me, but about my kids. What do they think about mummy's salad week?

Salad again!? Try this one!

Salad again!? Try this one, mum! - said my daughter at the dinner table.

I know how important to sit down to the table and have a meal together. Usually we eat the same or partially the same food, but not now. My daughters - who are 3,5 and 1,5 years old now - naturally are curious what is on our plate and most of the time I am happy to show/give them food from my plate. Salad is a particularly interesting meal: they try to figure out what is the secret, why love it so much? So whenever we have salad, they want a little this-and-that. Sometimes they put them into their mouth, chew on it and - split it out. I never force them to try/eat food and never give a reward for trying/ eating it.

Discovering food is an exciting adventure and that is what I would like to show them. I draw their attention to the beautiful colours, the interesting texture, and specific smell of food. I leave them to decide if they want to taste it or not (in the majority of the cases they do). I think it is really important to leave them to getting know what they eat, and to develop their own opinion and taste. Other activities in the kitchen also help this journey like smelling spices, kneading dough etc.

I have just signed Jamie Oliver's petition to make practical food education compulsory in schools. I agree, that this is really basic - but important - knowledge in life (just like knowing traffic rules, this another subject should be taught in school).

If you want to know what is this all about and sign the petition here is the webpage:

But a school subject can be something "must" to survive and I am not sure that teachers could wake passions about food and could teach the practicality of cooking - as we parents can do. Food education can help to know more about healthy eating, and it is important. However it never will substitute the responsible role of a parent.

Turning back to our own family dinner table: I deeply believe, that my personal example as a mum is a determinative experience for my daughters in their life. I do not want them to see me dieting all the time. I want to show them how to build a healthy relationship food, what can include yummy cakes or chocolate too. That's why I spend time to put together a balanced meal plan and make healthy food for the whole family.

Well, I am having mixed feelings now. I am following an extreme diet now. I know it is just one week per year, and I will be able to explain them this later - when they old enough to understand.  But until then I have to be careful to refuse the sign of their love offered to me in the form of baked beans and fish.

Detox week - day 5 report

I have to admit my photos are getting boring by know. Salad and salad. Anyway I still have two days to go with salad as main meal. :-)

Breakfast: the good old two toast with yoghurt.

Snack: 1 portion of fruit (one apple, one pear and half of one banana)

Lunch: salad again but with lightly steamed vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, raw carrots, spring onion, cabbage, with olive oil and white wine vinegar with one boiled potato on side. Plus one apple. I was quite full actually.

Snack: 1 pot of natural live organic yoghurt

Dinner: fruit salad made from one orange, one kiwi, a quarter of a lovely grapefruit, half of one banana, and one teaspoon of desiccated coconut. I was not able to eat all...

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