Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Healthy foodDay 4 is a turning point, I am not hungry any more. However I dreaming of a nice bowl of warm soup and writing about burgers yesterday was not a good idea either...

Mum, smile!

I had thought that I was in a good mood today, - I did not feel hungry and I managed to concentrate again. So I was surprised when walking to the play group my daughter said: Mum, smile!

And she was right, I just forget to smile this morning. Sure sign that this diet cannot be kept up for a long time.
It is not a long term diet, the maximum is one week. Going back to basic and simple food like raw fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and wholemeal bread help my body to detox itself. Instead of working on digestion of heavy meals, it can concentrate on removal wastes from the body. I went easy for a couple of days before starting the detox diet, gradually I cut out meat and food from animal sources (like cheese) from my diet. As I going ahead I reintroduce a couple of foods into my diet again like cheese and eggs.

It is visible how my body cleanse itself, for instance I have to wash my teeth more times during the day as plaque builds up faster than normally. I also continuously thirsty,  I do not have a problem to drink 2-2,5 litres fluid a day.

However this is a low-calorie diet (800-1200 kcal per day), so yes, it has an effect on my mood. I carry on doing my everyday life, which is quite active and busy, and I do my normal every-morning exercise routine. It is important to do physical exercise during the detox period as this helps the cleansing process by creating urine, by increasing blood circulation and by encouraging regular bowel movements.

Yes, I need energy to carry on my normal life. So I have to confess that I did eat a bit more today than it was allowed by the meal plan. Only 4-5 cashew nuts and a half toast are on my sin list though. So, I do not feel guilty, I am still on track. :-)

Detox week - day 4 report

Today has been a rice day. Nice to have a little diversity in my diet. The bases of my main meals are 75-75g brown rice cooked with a small piece of lemon grass. Have you ever tried? It gives a fantastic taste to the rice.
So breakfast brown rice with apple pieces, cinnamon, lemon zest and half teaspoon of honey.
Snack one glass of fruit juice.
Lunch: Salad (ice salad, spring onions, tomato, spinach, red pepper, celery, and cabbage) with rice

Healthy food

Snack: one of my favourite fruit: grapefruit and a big cup of herbal tea.

Healthy food

Dinner: Rice with dried apricot pieces, lemon juice and half teaspoon of honey.

These together are about 800 calories, and this is the lightest day - after the juice day - in the diet. (Oh yes, I added some extra calories with the cashew nuts and the toast...) 
So today is a kind of turning point. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, Easter is just a couple of days away now.

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