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There are so many advice and method and system for weight loss, that - as I see - people very often miss the most important thing. Focussing only on calorie intake or physical exercise does not guarantee the success.

Losing weight is an incredible effort - does not matter how much is your extra weight. It takes sacrifices, strength and persistence.

The first step before starting a weight loss diet is consulting your GP. It is really important to know your medical condition before choosing the right method and exclude all risk factor.
I know that people can be really desperate to lose weight and there is a point when they would do really anything to reach our goal - but sometimes fast weight loss makes things even worst and risk our health. So the first step is visiting the GP.


The most common mistake in weight loss

The most common mistake in weight loss - concentrating on only one part, like calorie intake, our physical activity.
These are really important, but concentrating on only one of them, unfortunately, does not lead to a successful and long-term weight loss. The problem is if only one of them is missing, it is really hard to lose weight and keep it off. The following 4 parts are the pillars of the successful weight loss - does not matter what method we choose.

The 4 pillars of successful and long-term weight loss

#1 Balanced, low-calorie diet

Watching our calorie intake is not enough. About 1000-1200 calories per day can lead to weight loss as this is below our daily calorie consumption. However, it is easy to see that 11 Kellogs
Special K Bar (11 bar about 1100 kcal) or 6 bag crisps (5*35g about 1100 kcal) does not cover our nutritional needs despite falling within the safe calorie allowance. Eating the right food gives us energy, delivers the most important nutrients and keeps us in a good mood while we are losing weight. This also makes our diet sustainable and enjoyable and keeps the weight off later. So a balanced, low-calorie diet the first pillar of a healthy weight loss diet.

#2 Regular physical activity

Regular exercising is really important, but it does not very effective without the right diet. It does not matter where we start, the point is to do it regularly and keep it always challenging. Physical exercise is important - not just to burn the calories, - but to speed up the excretion of waste products from the body too. It helps to rebuild our muscles and form our body - this does not come automatically by losing weight.

#3 Fluid intake

This is very often forgotten or not emphasised in weight loss diet. However, it is just as important as low-calorie diet. We can lose weight not drinking enough fluid, but we want to get rid of our fat, not the water, right? Actually not drinking enough water slows down weight loss. Fluid is really important - it helps our bodies to get rid of waste and burn calories. As we are prone to mistake hunger with thirst, drinking enough water can mean less calorie intake too.

#4 Regular bowel movements

Well, we cannot ignore this part just because we find it embarrassing. We do not discuss this in our daily conversation. However, this is the most important part the weight loss diet - and in a healthy diet basically. In average, less than three bowel movements per week are not enough - but it can be different what is "normal" from person to person. The culprit usually the low-fibre diet, lack of physical exercise and too less fluid intake - so basically all what we talked about above. There is no healthy diet without regularity. So worth to pay attention to this part too.

The important thing that all 4 pillars are equally important and they all need our attention. These can help us to establish the healthy eating habits what we can keep up after our weight loss diet. 

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