Friday, 11 July 2014


Let's suppose you cannot resist a slice of  Victoria sponge in the middle of your weight loss program.
What do you do?

  • You give up your weight loss plan all together saying it has been ruined anyway?
  • You give up your weight loss plan for the day saying this has has been ruined, you have another slice, but you will carry on tomorrow?
  • You decide not to eat anything on that day starting from then?
  • You forget it and carry on according your plan?
And what would you suggest to do if one of your close friends were in this situation? Most of the people would suggest just to forget it and carry on. With the exception of the fourth answer all is a kind of self-punishment. Why we prone to punish ourselves and to forgive to others for the same mistake? 

Probably because we are not emotionally biased with our friend's diet. So we can see clearly what would be the right reaction after a little stumble in our diet. But we somehow cannot give the same sober response to ourselves.

Giving up or changing our plan send the message to us that we are not able to stick to our plan, so are not able to reach our goal. Simply we are weak. And we are weak sometimes, we lose little battles sometimes. But if we do not let our diet out of control finally we will win the war.

If we do not forgive our weaknesses we cannot reach our goals. Of course this does not mean that we can break the rules all the time saying "that's fine, I can forgive this to myself". But instead of concentrating on these little mistakes we need to focus on our goal.

I found that people who do not love themselves and cannot accept their own weaknesses cannot maintain a healthy weight. They always need to treat or punish themselves and this is very far from a healthy relationship with food.

Think about your weight loss as a treat to your body. Yes, your body deserves a detox day/week, deserves easily digestible, nutritious food and a good work out. And you will see that your body will respond and gives you back in change more energy and more confidence.

So love yourself and love your body, and forgive your little mistakes - we are human.

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