Friday, 4 July 2014


It is not fair - I thought when I was stepping on my running machine this morning. While everybody was still sleeping I had to start my morning exercise. I was sleepy and tired and all my muscles and bones -and my heart just wanted to go back to sleep...

It is not fair

Well, I did not go back to bed. I started jogging and it became better, but I still thought it is just not fair. I can see that my body has gone back to shape, my legs and my bottom responded really quickly to the regular exercises. My lower ab is the most critical point and of course I still have fat on my hip and waist. But I know this is just question of time, I just need to carry on my training. The problem is that if I stop doing my exercises after two weeks I lose my shape again... So my destiny to keep up doing my jogging at least 3 morning a week while my family is sleeping upstairs. And at this point I really felt sorry for myself. Why others can have an amazing figure without suffering on the treadmill? Then I remembered, that I really do not know a single person who has amazing figure without exercising... And being pretty itself is not enough because being fit and healthy counts even more. And that surely does not come without exercising. And finally, it was me who chose this lifestyle. And then I felt strong and really proud of myself. I knew it is me who controls my life and this is a good feeling. Then I remembered two highlights from yesterday.

The reward for my hard work 

Yesterday we went out with my husband and after long time I wore a cami dress and I did not feel uncomfortable. Actually I felt really pretty and I got positive feedback from my strict critic, my husband. So this is definitely an achievement. 

The other reward that others started noticing my metamorphosis. When I went to the nursery - still in my cami dress - to pick up my daughter, the nursery manager was astonishing, how a mother-of-two could be so slim like me. I said her modestly, it is hard work, - which is true - but inside I was really happy, that she had noticed. I really appreciated her honesty, when she told me, - she herself is struggling to maintain a healthy weight. I really understand, we all are facing our own special challenges. What I know now, that there is no hopeless situation. We all can find our way to get a healthy, fit, pretty and confident us - we just have to accept that we have to make our sacrifices. So, good luck, Jaz,  I am sure you too will find your way.

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