Tuesday, 4 November 2014


At the end of a terrible day my conclusion is that the exercise program - what I started 4 and half weeks ago - is a life saver. My daughter fell ill suddenly this afternoon and I had to take her to the GP urgently...

The surgery is not too far from our house, it takes normally 10 minutes walk for me - but if you have a baby in the buggy and a toddler walking with you it can takes 25-30 minutes too. As I had requested an emergency appointment, we had only 15 minutes to get there.
You know probably the stress, when you have to leave the house within five minutes, there is no help, no time for packing things and check the kids and all equipment what you will need or you may will need...

So time was short and I had to put my ill and weak little daughter into the pushchair and my 11 months baby into the baby carrier, plus it was raining. So I juggled down the pushchair and my girl down on the slippery stairs, then back for my baby and bag, and coat, and rain cover... So by the time we were ready to start off, only 7 minutes left. I know it is a miserable picture of me - running in the rain with my daughters - but I suppose you know the feeling when you are worried about your little one.

Anyway, we got there in time - actually 2 minutes before the appointment, - that is another story that we had to wait 47 minutes to see our GP (of course his room is upstairs). And the way back with a stop at the pharmacy, baby on me all the time.

Normally after this adventure I have backache and I am worn off completely. But not now. Thanks to my 15 minutes exercise what I do every weekday morning.   I have been happy to do it until now too, but starting from today I have an extra and special reason to do it.  It makes me ready for the everyday challenges of a mum's life. And this is what I really need now. Today I felt really strong - and I have just completed one-third of the program so far.

I have more reason to love this exercise program:

  • These 15 minutes (which is really 20 minutes including warm up and cool down exercises) sessions are my me-time, I can focus on myself without having any guilt.  I can fit this into my busiest day too, so no excuse to skip a lesson.
  • The exercises are really though but only 15 minutes, so it is feasible, and I can walk next day as muscle pain is minimum
  • after workout I feel energised all day long
  • I feel a responsible mum as I do something for my health every day
  • When my daughter wakes up and sees me in my gym wear she always asks me: "Mummy, have you been exercising?" And it sooo good feeling to say: yes. She is watching me :-)
  • Although it is only 15 minutes, I feel it a complete one-hour work out, so I do not feel, I would cheat. 
  • And finally: I can see result! There are muscles, strong muscles developing and I can see my body to transform into something more exciting.
So this is exactly what a mum needs: maximum flexibility and time effective. I have to confess, that I mainly concentrate on the workout program, and follow my own meal plan. 

I also have tell you that I am not payed to say these, I am just so enthusiastic. Specially after a physically challenging day like today.

I found this program when I was looking for Yummy Mummy things on-line after my blog's name, so that's no accident that the program is called Fit Yummy Mummy, but there is no other connection.

Here you can find more about this exercise program:

By the way, my daughter is much better now.

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