Friday, 16 May 2014

What A Difference A Day Makes

Detox diet is starting... this Sunday.

I would not say it will be easy

I think it is really important to start any weight loss program with a detox as this helps and speeds up the weight loss and spring is good time to do my once a year detox anyway. I completed this one-week detox challenge 4 or 5 times but not since I was pregnant with my first daughter. (Really important that it is not recommended to start any extreme change in your diet when you have any medical problem, diabetes, you are pregnant or suffering from any kind of eating disorder. If you are not sure you need to talk to you GP.) And a detox diet is a big change in the diet. That's the point in it: eating food what easy to digest and give a chance to your body to concentrate on the cleaning and recovery process.
There are different detox programs to choose from. I have just read that to have a 20-30 minutes bath in really salty water (about 1 kg salt dissolved in the bath water) can detox the whole body. I find this interesting - and easy -, probably I will have a go sometimes, but not now.
I stick to my familiar detox diet this time, as I think it will prepare my body and my soul to the weight loss program. First day I can have only vegetable or fruit juices and pro-biotic yoghurt.
The following days I will eat mainly raw vegetable salads, fruit, yoghurt and whole meal bread. It sound tough, but as I said I completed it a few times in the past and it really worked well for me.

Where to start

I think the mind set is really important. I always prepare myself for the difficulties and then -probably because of this approach - during the program I just find the whole thing much more easier than I expected. Usually I lose some weight too during this week but this is not the main point. Really important to drink plenty of fluid as this makes the whole cleansing process working. I usually buy a box of detox tea and a nice fruit tea (no caffeine content). I like Twining's detox tea  or The Pukka detox tea. The fruit tea is my only luxury on this week, so no money spared:-) I always choose a very tasty, pure and good quality fruit tea.
It is clever to buy all fruit and vegetables in advance - and nothing else - this can you force to keep it up. When I was just myself I even put/throw away everything what was tempting - great excuse to clean out my pantry and kitchen :-) It is funny, but this cleaning makes me even more desperate.
So I made a shopping list for myself - oh , nearly forget - and a shopping list for the family too.

What my family says

Yes, they too need some food this week. My strategy is to prepare most of the food for them on Saturday and put it into the fridge or into the freezer. Usually I cook their favourite, so they are happy on these days.
Obviously I need their support so I shared my plan with them yesterday. My baby is on that level yet, that she could protest, my toddler doesn't bother, my husband is understanding. So good start, so far. I asked my partner not eat any evil in front of me. I start this diet on Sunday, because on the first day, when I am not allowed to eat any "normal" food I am usually quite irritated and probably weak. So I think it is a good idea to get some help from them.

The decision

I tell you, the hardest thing is to make the decision. I have made up my mind, so no excuse, no way back, it has been decided today.

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