Wednesday, 14 May 2014


I need a plan. There are so many ways to loose weight - I just need to choose one what will work for me.

There are so many way to lose weight - but we all know that the essence of weight loss is simple and always the same: taking less calorie or burning more or the combination of these two.

The weight problem

I am not gaining weight at the moment- but I am not loosing neither. I am concious about my diet. I know exactly what happened, after my first pregnancy I had some extra weight, which did not worry me. I knew I was able to handle it without any drastic action. And I did not want any drastic action as we were trying for a second baby. when I was expecting my second baby I was told that the baby is to small. The scan confirmed that my baby was healthy -thanks God - and she was developing nicely - she was just small. I was happy to hear this - unconsciously I started to eat a bit more though. When she was born, she was still tiny but I was - hm a bit bigger...
Fortunately she gained weight, and she is absolutely fine by now, so it is time to start working on myself :-)
I think I need to loose about 7-8 kg (15-17 pounds) to get back into my pre-pregnancy shape.
Probably you say, oh that's nothing. I can assure you that 7-8 kg does really count when you are 150 cm tall. And I learnt that doesn't matter how much is the extra weight of a woman - the problem is equally  serious.
It is not just question of aesthetics but - what is probably more important - question of health too.

If I change nothing, nothing will happen 

So if I want to change my weight, I need to change something.
I could find excuses :

  • I have small children so hard to fit in regular exercises
  • I do not have time to prepare different food for myself 
  • I could explain to myself that size does not matter, I still can find pretty dresses for myself
  • I am not young any more, so having some extra weight just natural part of ageing
  • I should concentrate on my children and not on myself
  • My partner loves me as I am and he is not bothered by my size


Where will this lead to? Without taking care of my weight, will I be able to play tennis or ball games with my daughters in 5-10 years time? Can I show them how to take care of themselves, how to love themselves? Will they believe me when I advise them in beauty or health questions when they will be teenagers? Can I be an authentic role model for them when I know inside I have given up my femininity and hide behind my excuses? They will know, they will feel, that something is not right. And even my partner is so forgiving - I love him enough to think- he deserved a pretty partner beside him.
So no, I do not want to create excuses.

So what weapons are there to fight this war?

Weight loss programs

I could apply for a weight loss program, they are good and quick. They offer menus worked out by nutritionists/dietetics and personal help at the personal meetings. Some of them offer even low calorie products, or food delivery. It sounds very handy, but... if I eat my very special meals, what will my family eat? Or shall I prepare two meals every time? Or they should keep up with me dieting? I could not participate the meetings neither. And of course they come with a price. 

Quick diets

I do not believe that any extreme diet would be a solution for me. I do not want to exclude any kind of food group from my diet. I do not think that exclude carbohydrates all together or eating only salads or fruit would be a good idea. I admit that these extreme diets can show result quickly. However they can lead to yoyo effect. As after finishing the diet weight comes back quickly. There is the risk to develop deficiency of vitamins or minerals. These are not for me.

Weight loss pills

I really find amazing the news about these "magical" pills. We all dream about a potion what gives us a slim figure without dieting and without pain - quickly. I think the "before-after" photos are very convincing. But...they are expensive and I do not think I would take them in my whole life. Because when we stop taking them weight surely creeps back on us... I never find "before-after- and after giving up pills" photos. And what about the side effects? This sounds rather business and so unnatural. It is not for me.

Food replacement products

The same problem really. When you stop buying them, weight is coming back again. If I drink some kind of filling fluid before having lunch, probably I will not be so hungry. so I will eat less chips and steak. Less calorie means I can loose weight. And when I reached my target weight, I just stop buying this products. I carry on eating the usual chips and steak - more of course as I still need to fill up my stomach. What will happen? Yes, I will gain weight again. 

So, to be honest none of these can help me to reach my goal. What I need that is a long term solution for me - and for my whole family. 

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