Tuesday, 20 January 2015


On a forum chat somebody said that she would be happy to live without a freezer as "food goes to die" when you put it into your freezer. Actually I could not live without mine.

To put every leftover into the freezer and then forget about it, does not mean any sense. Then yes, freezer is the graveyard of food.
But I just cannot imagine a busy mum's life without the help of a freezer.

There are so many reasons to use a freezer:

1. Very convenient: food is always available in our home until we decide we eat them

2. Allow us to spend less money: you can buy what ever on sale and put it into the freezer for later use. Also bigger batch nearly always cheaper than a smaller packing.

3. Less food is wasted: we very often forced to buy more than really needed as food packages are standard. Why would you let a 300 g spinach go wasted, when you need only 100 g from the 400 g package to make your recipe? Or why would you throw away left over soup, if can save it for later in your freezer?

4. Freezer help you to save time: you do not need to do shopping every day when you want to cook. Shop advance, use your freezer and cook whenever you are ready.

5. Freezer help you to plan your week and still remain flexible  it gives you the freedom to use food when it suits you. As a busy mum, you know that life is not always go on the path what you planned ahead. If you have a couple of life-saver prepared meals in your fridge, you will not be in trouble if there are extra mouths at the table or you do not have time to cook.

6. In some cases frozen products are better than fresh. For instance there are vegetables what are frozen almost immediately after being picked so they do not lose their nutritional goodness during transportation and storage.

7. Very often frozen products are more affordable than fresh products. Just make a comparison on price / gram basis and you will see the difference. If a recipe call for example spinach and it needs to be cooked/steamed according to the recipe, it is wise to use rather frozen product, as it is cheaper (and fresher).

8. Just easier to use frozen products as washing, peeling, chopping no needed.

I do not say that frozen food is always better than fresh, but combining the two cleverly can be a huge help in your life. Of course you  you need to do correct labelling with expire dates and keep a record what is in your fridge (or do regular inventories).

Here are a couple of ideas and tools how to organize your freezer:

Tired of food going bad in your freezer? Here are some useful printables to label your freezer items. Freezer Storage Labels via Mom It Forward

Convenient Freezer Labels  |  Not sure what’s in the dish you just pulled from the freezer? Eliminate this problem with these printable freezer labels.

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