Monday, 19 May 2014


I am a hero already. First and second days of my one-week detox plan are behind me :-)

Yes, yesterday was the hardest day this week - and I did it.

All Sunday I had only yoghurt and vegetable/fruit juice -and water/herbal tea of course. Actually it is not so horrible than it sounds. I mean if you have the vegetable / fruit juice regularly you just do not feel hunger. No headache or shaking from weakness. Would you think that I had around 800 calories just from juices and yoghurt? However - I have to admit - the whole meal toast and yoghurt this morning seemed to be a feast after yesterday juice-fast. Today I was allowed to eat fruits, salad, yoghurt and some muesli.

I like in this one week diet that the first day is really hard and then every day is a bit easier. I presume my body really needed this detox diet as I feel much lighter and my energy level has not dropped.

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