Wednesday, 21 May 2014


This is the 4th day of my detox week. I cannot hide that I am dreaming of a nice bowl steaming soup - or just some proper warm meal, but I feel good, I have lots of energy and - actually I enjoy the real taste of food. Half way there.

Yesterday was a bit easier again, very similar to the Monday menu: whole meal bread and yoghurt for breakfast, fruits, green salad with one boiled potato for lunch and yoghurt whole meal bread roll and a small piece of cheese for dinner. I even completed my 5 km run in the morning without any problem, so energy level is okay.

Today is different, I have a rice day. It is quite refreshing in the middle of the detox plan. I had cooked brown rice with apple and cinnamon for breakfast; green salad and brown rice for lunch and brown rice with dried apricot and a  grapefruit for dinner.

One of the benefits of this diet is that you can find your way back to the real taste of food as there are no salt or spices this week. Do you know how tasty brown rice with cinnamon apple and honey can be? I know you think it is weird, just give a try sometimes though, you will see.

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