Friday, 23 May 2014


I need a plan - a plan what works on the long term and ideally resolves my weight problems for my whole life.

What I am looking for?

So the question is: is it possible to maintain a healthy weight without turning my life a continuously upside down? I do not want to lose weight by a certain event - like wedding or holiday. No deadline. It does not mean that I don not want it as soon as possible though. I just do not need to rush, so I can set up a realistic goal and I give time to myself to work on it.
So I can ignore every quick fix plan what promise me an irrealistic result. There are so many fad diets out there- I know as I always read them through when I came across one. Just because deeply in my heart I wish they would work. But they do not. They are usually extreme diets promising 5-10 kg (11-22 lbs) weight loss within a week. I just need to eat eggs only for a week or exclude all type of carbohydrates...

So these are my points:

    • no extreme diet
    • no quick fix
    • no magic pills or any kind of drug industry product
    • no yoyo effect


    • family friendly - meaning: feasible with family around me
    • works on long term: I can lose weight and maintain it
    • gives me more energy and all nutrition what I need
    • teach my kids for a healthy life style
    • enjoyable

The plan

The plan is the following:
  1. I complete my detox program
  2. I work out a family meal plan what will support my weight loss and keep family happy and healthy
  3. I schedule regular exercises into my calendar
  4. I stick to this plan

Easy to say. This is my reality show now as I just want to prove that I am right.

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