Friday, 10 April 2015


What are you doing while your kids are playing on the playground? Reading a magazine on a bench? Chatting with other mums? Here is a very useful idea.

Impossible to fit any kind of exercise into a busy mum's life?

Mums' time is gold. Never enough. So it is hard to find an hour - or even a couple of minutes to do some exercise. It would be true to say: I have no time for exercising.
However, there are people out there who can prove: time is there, you just have to find it - if you really want it.

Holly Rigsby is one of these people. I love her stubborn endeavor to show us that, yes, it is possible.

When strong and weak are fighting against each other in our mind: "I can do it, I want it" and "No, how would you? Leave it" Then Holly is there. She understands our problems, (even our excuses), but she always has a good idea, how to make it possible.

Like doing short but intensive exercises in 15 minutes. Or doing exercise on the playground. Why not?

Doing exercise on the playground

The only thing, that we should visit the playground when it not crowded. Otherwise I have no chance to use the swing. I imagine myself doing the one leg squats - while kids are queuing behind me...

Anyway, I need a quiet playground and problem solved. :-)
So, ladies, let's meet on the playground and please join in instead of making me feel bad or embarassed. :-)

Here is the video below, where Holly gives us tips what and how to do on the playground, while our children -hopefully- entertain themselves. This should work. My daughters love watching me doing exercises. When they were smaller they climbed on me, they thought it is some kind of game, and they wanted to be part of it. Nowadays they sometimes copy me, mimicking my movements but most of the time they just ignore me and carry on playing. They have got used to the spectacle that mummy and daddy sometimes work out. I believe it is good. I mean it is good that doing physical exercises is normal for them, part of our life. And I really hope they will follow the good example later on in their life.

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