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Mornings are very busy for a mum, so every little help counts. I really appreciate every shortcut in the morning rush - and I do not like These little cookies are perfect for breakfast as they can be made ahead and warm up in the toaster in a minute.

Busy mums - busy mornings

After the long Easter weekend, what we spent away - we are back in the busy weekdays...and busy mornings. Make-ahead breakfasts like these Sunshine cookies can be very much valuable on a busy morning.

I did not post earlier this week as after my detox week (see previous posts) my prize was a long weekend getaway with my family. I think we were really lucky with the weather this time, so we spent as much time in the fresh air as it was possible. No rush, no stress - only fun with the girls.

However, I have to notice again, that after spending a couple of days away we hardly can find our old routine. On one hand, it is a bit struggle but other hand, this is always good opportunity to make changes in our routine and adjust it to our developing life as kids are growing.
Mornings are the same, though: busy-busy.

1-minute breakfast for busy mornings

Earlier I already wrote about the difficulties of morning rush in a family with small children: in this post.
I set up breakfasts categories then for breakfast and Sunshine cookies fall into the 1-minute breakfast.
Of course, they have to be made ahead but preparing these little cookies can be a family fun. Kids over 3 can help you to make the dough, cut them out and fill them with jam. I love this kind of activity with my daughters as it is a really good fun while I can teach them kitchen skills and we actually prepare their favourite breakfast. Well, the little one sometimes is just playing while we are doing the hard work, but she too wants to be there...

As most of my recipes here, this one is an easy too. Just make the dough, fill it and it is ready to bake.

Sunshine cookies - recipe

120g wholemeal flour
120g plain flour
25g grounded walnut
60g cold unsalted butter
120ml ice-cold water
1 egg beat with a splash of water
 (I used homemade damson jam, but any jam can work, just make sure it is not very runny)
+ 1 egg to wash edges

Step 1

Put the wholemeal and plain flour, the walnut the diced cold butter into a food processor and blitz until getting a crumbly texture. Add the beaten egg and water and blitz again until it comes together. 

Step 2

Roll the dough into a 3-4 mm thick sheet and using cookie-cutter make the cookies. Pair them and egg wash the edges of one of them. Put a teaspoon of the jam in the middle and cover with the other half. Egg wash the top of your cookies and pierce them with a fork to let the steam escape.

Step 3

Bake the cookies on 190 C (375F, Gas Mark 5) until they are golden.

These cookies are good warm or cold. They can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack - or even for lunch with a nice bowl of soup. 

They keep well in an airtight container for 3-4 days or in the freezer for a 3-4 months. When you need them just pop them into the toaster for 2-3 minutes and they are ready to eat.

It is your choice how big cutter you use, just take into account that they should fit into the toaster and you should be able to take them out easily. 

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