Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Changing your diet and life style is not an easy and fast journey . But if you want to change just only one thing, then do this.
Only this one little change will make you healthier, slimmer and more relaxed.

Maintain weight is all about balance. And we are struggling to find the right balance - usually the problem is we eat a lot more than our body needs.
How can we lose the real connection with our body? Our body tells us when we are full, the problem is that we ignore this sign. Why? Because we are concentrating on something else. We do not listen to the signalling of our body. We are too busy reading e-mails, watching telly, talking to somebody or just thinking of work. Specially when we are stressed: then we expect from food to give us strength, to comfort us, to compensate for every discomfort what we have to survive. And we want this quickly as we have no time to enjoy this little fun. Then we feel sorry for ourself and we promise an even bigger joy for the next mealtime...

I am just wondering, what happened in our culture? Every second program on telly about food. We talk a lot about food but nearly never about eating. I mean eating properly: giving the time and the thought to our food.

Having a meal in a hurry - even it is very delicious and nutritious - leaves us unsatisfied. We want more, and we eat more than we would need. To avoid overeating we need to sit down to a table and concentrate only on eating. This sounds simple and boring but it can save nearly 30% of calories consumed. It also helps digestion and avoid bloating and heartburn.

"How to eat" counts as much as "what to eat"

So do not eat while you are doing something else. Do not eat while you are driving, playing with your phone, reading newspaper or working on your computer. Concentrate on your food, enjoy the taste and do not forget to chew thoroughly. It takes 15-20 minutes to our brain to recognise the signal that we are full. So take your time and keep a break before second serving.
It is a good idea to have a glass of water too.

You will see that even the simplest food will satisfy you if you give the meal full attention.  

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