Thursday, 22 January 2015


- Hello, who are you?
- I am Nobody.
- Nobody is called Nobody.
- Yes, I am, because Nobody is perfect.

I picked my head for this dialogue last weekend. I could not tell you what was the title of that movie what went on telly, I did not even watched with full attention, but this was like a message to me.

I do not like January. I just hate the dark and cold days. It is hard to be energetic and active when the gravity of the bed is so strong in the morning and by the time I find the pace of my day it grows dark again.
Plus I got some tummy bugs last weekend and I was so weak that I had to stop exercising for a few days and leave my planned meals and go to a light diet (It means whatever I was able to swallow and that wasn't so much).

 I hate ceasing my exercise and eating routine because:

1. It is hard to start again, so it is better to keep it up if it is possible.
2. Just after 3-5 days, I feel that weight coming back and my muscles melting away again.

Yes, I have to face the fact that my body reacts quickly to healthy eating and workout, and I can see results within weeks. However, the downside is that I get the same quick response when I stop doing my exercises. It is annoying, but I have to learn to live with it. I don't know what is your experience but I suppose it is more or less the same for everyone - at least, I would like to think so.

Well, this time I had no choice I had to stop.

Just a quick note: never work out when you are ill. It slows down your recovery and put you in a risk of injury. If you feel you still need some physical activity - go for a walk on the fresh air.
However I did not feel doing anything else than lying on the sofa,-  but my girls ensured my daily physical activity.

So, yes, I faced my imperfection again.

I am sure you too - as a busy mum thinks about your imperfect and unfinished things too.
If we really want to do something right - we want to do it perfectly.
But you know what I have realized?

Perfection is the death of act.

Perfection usually induces feelings of disappointment, anger, and impatience. We become disappointed in ourselves and our self-esteem gets damaged.

Just take a simple example. If your goal is to lose 3 stones and you lose only 2. That is a failure.
Is it?

If you don't achieve the goal, it really does not matter what happens in the process?

At the bottom line, you managed to lose 2 stones!
That is good.

Good is enough

It is enough to go without hesitation towards our goals whatever are they: dream body/health, dream household, dream job. The point is not to stop or turn back whenever we have a little bump or a mountain to climb on our way. The continuous work will bring us closer to our goal and we have to enjoy the way and value and celebrate every little achievement.
So my little achievement was not to gain any weight during the Christmas holiday, then nearly reaching my weight loss goal (only 2 kg left) and losing 4 cm from my waist and 5 cm from my hip in the last 2 months.
Little achievement is the meal planning for the whole family (including my 14 months old and 3 and half-year-old daughters) and we have healthy, home-made food all week.

And also, one of my little achievements is that I am able to share all these with you regularly :-)

So I am happy to carry on with exercising in the morning and building a balanced diet for myself and my family.

And all that I can think about is spring now.

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