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calorie saving tips
These are below my little tricks how to reduce calories in your diet. These are tiny little steps but they can save you hundreds of calories a day.

Ditch sugary soft drinks and fizzy drinks

This is very important. Sometimes we have more calories from drinks than from food. I would say forget even all flavoured water and sport drinks too. Nothing better for our body than plain water. I know, the taste is... well, very plain, but it is worth to track our fluid intake and make sure that we drink enough water. Even our skin will be very grateful for this.

You can find some alternatives if you want to leave sugary drinks behind but you cannot drink plain water: here.

After lunch snacking

I know, this is my weakness too. This is a trap, really. When we finished our healthy, low-calorie lunch, we are very proud of ourselves... and probably we feel that we are not satisfied completely... so we probably thinking of rewarding ourselves with a nice slice of cake? Not really hungry, but we would chew on something... Well, I found that a chew gum is the obvious and perfect solution. 
Our brain needs about 20 minutes to get the signal from our stomach that we are full. That 20 minutes is critical, we have to wait before second serving (or dessert). Chew gum is a big help to leave the the table. I usually choose a fruity one with no sugar, so it alleviates my cravings for something sweet. Chew gum also helps digestion and cleans teeth, so it is perfect  as an "after lunch snack".

Boil and steam, oven roast instead of deep or shallow frying  

Even the healthiest food can transform into a calorie pool if we are not careful how to prepare them. For example 100 g cod steamed contains only 96 calories and no saturated fat, while 100 g cod battered and deep fried provides 199 calories and 12% saturated fat.
The taste? Yes, it is different. It takes a little time to realize that actually what we are addicted to in deep fried food is the oil-taste and the crunchiness. I personally do not like the smell spreading around the house after deep frying. It is worth So it was an easy step for me. Even if we are talking about frozen battered products what we can bake in the oven - there is a high percent of fat added to the batter.  And the crunchiness - well there are recipes with crunchy toppings. Here is a quick example:


Hot beverages

An espresso contain 1 calorie while a full-cream cappuccino can contain 134 calories, a white chocolate mocha is around 330 calories. So the extra calorie is not in the coffee but hidden in the extras, cream, milk, sugar and syrup. So it is best to go skinny and say no to sugar and cream.
Instead of buying one in the cafe shop on your way to work, prepare a skinny latte or coffee for yourself. It is not just economic, but using only skimmed milk and sweetener it saves calories for you. 

After dinner snacking

This is hard. When finally kids are in the bed and we can curl up on the sofa with a good book or watch telly we just want something to comfort us. This is the time when crisps, biscuits and chocolate are found in their secret hiding place... That's the reason why I do not keep this kind of stuff in our house at all. For comfort I make a cup of luxury fruit tea - a really luxury with fruit pieces. On very bad days I allow myself two brasil nuts or a small piece (one little square) of dark chocolate. But tea is the best, it takes some time to drink it and it occupies me and warm me up.

Why you should include chocolate into your weight loss diet? Answer is here.

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