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If you want to start a healthier, new life, here is the list of equipment what you must have. I usually do not encourage people to start building their healthy eating habits by shopping. It is really no necessary to fork out on expensive equipment. But there are some tools what you must have - and use of course - in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

#1 Steamer

Try to keep at the minimum the usage of your fryer and rather steam, boil or oven roast your food.
Food steamers are available on a wide price range, you can buy an electric steamer tower. However I would recommend to start with my favourite steamer, which is really cheap, fit into your normal pans and easy to clean.

Food steamer

#2 Oil spray or oil spray bottle 

Reducing fat intake and also using the right kind of fat is crucial if you want to be healthy or lose weight. You can read more about fats here. These little bottles help you spray just a small amount oil evenly onto your food: salads, meat, vegetables. So they are essential at a healthy diet.

Olive oil spay

Oil spray bottle

#3 Smoothie maker 

You can use a normal blender too of course but in that case you will not bother when you are in a hurry. This little blender comes with individual bottles, so you make and take away your healthy smoothie in the same bottle. Easy, quick and less washing up. Father Christmas brought this to us and we love it. How to make a healthy smoothie? Click here.

Smoothie maker

#4 A big water glass or bottle

It is really important to drink enough fluid - specially if you want to lose weight. Make sure that water is always available for you - even on the go - and watch your daily fluid intake. A big glass or water bottle can help you at this.

Big water glass
Water bottle

#5 Indoor herb allotment

Which can be outdoor if you are lucky enough to have a garden or patio. Using fresh herbs makes your meals tastier when you are cutting down salt and sugar. You will be surprised how easy to forgot the salt when your food is delicious just adding some fresh herbs.

Indoor herb allotment

#6 Measuring cups and kitchen scale

This does not mean that you have to measure every food all the time. But they can help you to recognize the right serving sizes and add the exact amount of ingredients to your meals. Well, one tablespoon oil in the salad dressing is always more than one tablespoon if you are just pouring it freely.

Measuring cups

#7 Grill pan or grilling machine

It is not necessary to say that grilling is a very healthy way to prepare food. It does not matter  what are you using: the good old grill pan or the grilling machine. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetables all can go in.

Grill pan
Grilling machine

#8 Ceramic frying pan

Ceramic frying pans are great tools if you want to reduce fat in your diet. You can make scrambled eggs or anything else without any added fat. By the way it is super easy to clean them.

Ceramic frying pan

#9 Snack bags

If you take some snack with you when you are out and about, you do not need to ruin all your weight loss effort with a chocolate bar. The best if you always have some healthy snack in your bag -like oven roasted unsalted nuts, dried or fresh fruit or oat cakes - who knows what might happen. 

Reusable snack and sandwich bags

Products listed above are all my personal choice and not influenced by any financial benefit. Please feel free to search similar items on the web.

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