Friday, 2 January 2015


Media is all about workout plans, healthy eating advice and scary lifestyle related news now. After the festive season, it is the time to make you feel guilty. Is it right?

We are bombarded with news, facts and statistics about our health damaging lifestyle in every January, just to make us feel guilty.
I do not think this is right.
Let me just explain this.

January is a basically a quiet month, no celebration, no holiday, no fun. So there is an artificially induced excitement about a healthy lifestyle. We are told that this is the best time for a radical lifestyle change. We are bombarded with health and lifestyle related statistics just to feel uncomfortable. Is it really matter for you where are we as a nation on the obesity rank? Does it really matter to you what statistics says? Does this average data mean anything to you? No.
You are not average. You are special.
Your challenges, your dreams, your, goals, your circumstances are all very special.

Only you know what is between you and your healthier life. If this a gym membership then go for it. But I doubt that a gym membership only would resolve the problem. Do you know that 60% of gym memberships bought in January not used? This is because people go after marketing and not their heart. Just because you forked out money for a membership card or an expensive exercise equipment you will not stay motivated to use it in the future. There is needed something else.
You have to have a very strong reason to change. 
Media created guilt is not enough. They will stop preaching anyway around end January when they can find better headlines.

I would not dissuade anybody from starting a healthy lifestyle now. But I would suggest you to be conscious and plan ahead. So the most important messages from me:

What is the perfect time to start a new, healthy life?

Any time is a good time, not just in January. However, today is the perfect time. Do not wait for a certain, pricey sports equipment, a certain day of the week when you will have time to go to the gym, or a certain mate who will go with you. Start it today, with equipment what is available now. It does not matter what physical activity you choose, the point that you must be able to do it regularly, it gives you fun and challenges you every time. The key is that all weight loss diet and exercise plan must be feasible and sustainable: gives you energy, fun and you are able to fit it into your weekly routine.

How to start a healthy lifestyle?

First clarify your goals and motivation. Put it down, and keep it in your sight. Then make a plan for the next 3-6 month. Schedule your workouts and targets in your calendar. Plan your lifestyle changes too - like sleeping and eating routines. Finally, plan your meals too - at least one week ahead, never forgetting your goals.

How to do it?

Step-by-step. Do not want to change everything at the same time. The biggest problem with new year resolution inspired healthy life kick-off  that they are too radical and for this reason, they need too much sacrifice from you. Doing so it is more likely that you go back to your old habits shortly. Everybody want to see a result as soon as possible but do not forget that your body needs time to get used to a new habit.

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