Monday, 29 September 2014


This little animated story about the body changes of a women is just so real and brutally honest.
Watching this short animation from Celia Bullwinkel a lots of questions jumped up inside me.

Why we, women are ourself our harshest critic?
Why we, women weight others opinion more on our body shape than our own judgement?
Why we, women cannot love our body?
Why we, women are not prepared emotionally for these changes?
Why we, women cannot appreciate our physical endowment  and care of it properly?

And finally:
Why we, women think we are out of control?

Whatever it is - our face, our body or our life, - it is on us what we do with it: we can hide it - or we can accept it, show it's best side and make the most of it. Our body serves all our dream, our obligation and responsibility to take care of it.

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