Thursday, 2 October 2014


Our life is changing, the baby has started to crawl and she does not want to sit and wait while mummy completes her workout...

Since we are back from our holiday we just cannot find the same old pre-holiday routine anymore. First we could not have a good night sleep as the baby was teething and now she is very active and I always have to keep an eye on her, where she goes. Yes, she is moving around in the house and tirelessly trying to stand up. So, she definitely does not want to sit still in her bouncing chair while I am on the treadmill...

Well, I expected this. Now, I have to re-organise our everyday life.

Also, I know that losing weight does not come with great figure automatically, so I have to raise the number of body-shaping exercises.
And there is another obstacle in the way  - namely that it is still dark around 6 am, and it is really hard to get myself out from the bed. I also wish for more regular exercises. This sounds as a paradox, but the solution is very straightforward: I have to schedule shorter workouts but more often through my week. And of course, I expect the same effectiveness of these short exercises as I did of my previous cardio program. So these have to be high-intensity workouts.

So I have decided to give a go to interval training

I have been flirting with the idea for a while, but running already worked out very well for me in the past so I did not want to experiment on something new. And here we go, I am reading the handbook of 15 minutes intervals training. The individual exercises don't look very complicated - I just need to buy a couple of weights and shake off the dust from my old exercise ball (what a brilliant tool!). 

Then I can schedule my new 15 minutes exercises for the week. Which are rather 20-25 minutes including the warm up and cool down time but still within 30 minutes. These going to give me brilliant start for the day. That's why I love the morning workouts: they just speed me up and I am unstoppable all day! 
So, the new plan is 15 minutes high-intensity workout 4-5 times a week (in the morning, when my little angels are still sleeping) + 1 running on my treadmill.

What do intervals mean?

Intervals are a high-intensity cardio workout, where slower, recovery periods gives you a chance to catch your breath. This kind of workout boosts the metabolism, help to lose weight and at the same time gives you muscles, stamina and energy.
It is proven by scientists, see article below.

I have high hopes :-) I nearly achieved my weight loss target, only 2 kg left, what must meltdown during these exercises.

To support my new plan I have reviewed my diet again and put it back on the trail (well, the emphasis has shifted a little bit during the holiday). So, again, fat, protein and carbohydrates intake is watched and planned carefully. I also make sure that I drink enough fluid during the day.

Probably, you think, "well, mummy has time to spend the day thinking of her diet and workout plans, but I don't..."
I have to tell you, no, I do not have time for this. That's why I make plans ahead - so I don't need to think of these things during my - very busy day. I just make room for these in my days scheduling them, then I stick to these - until new changes come and I have to revise the whole plan again...

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