Friday, 18 July 2014


We are going for a holiday shortly, which is good. As I slowly went back to size 10, I can show off my slimmer body in my lovely summer dresses, enjoy the sun and discover the local gastronomy. But my mission to gain back my old figure does not end here. During a holiday, there is so many temptations and I just do not want to spoil what I have reached by now.

I have tried on my favourite dresses/jeans' and I am really pleased that they fit really well. So am really happy and I am having a kind of celebration at this point. So everything is going according to plan, only 3 kg (about 6.5 lbs) have to go from this point. Which, I believe, will happen in the next two months if... If I do not ruin my achievement during my holiday.

Well, these are my tips how to keep your weight during your holiday:

  1. Discover local food but focus on the light options. It is a great idea to pay a visit to the local farmers' market on the first day of your holiday and  buy some fruits, they will come handy as snack on your trips on the forthcoming days. At least you will not be tempted to buy chocolate bars... Plus local markets tells the most about a community and are full of life and excitement.
  2. Watch native people: what are their eating habits, what and when they eat. It is very likely that whatever their habits are those are the best in that season on that climate.
  3. Start your meals with fruits or light soup. This will fill you up and it is less likely that you will choose high-calorie main meals.
  4. Keep an eye on your fluid intake- especially in hot weather. It is really important because we very often mistake hunger with thirst. Take always a bottle of mineral water with you.
  5. Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol is empty calorie, makes you more hungry, dehydrated and can spoil your diet easily. Of course you can have some alcohol, - it is your holiday, but set up a limit, e.g. one glass of wine per day is the maximum. 
  6. Do not overeat just because you are on holiday. In a restaurant, of course, you would like to try as much as possible from the offer. But tasting does not mean that you have to eat a huge amount of food. Share your plate with your company or order tapas-like dishes or simply order a small plate/serving size for yourself.
Not just ice cream and fried or sugary foods are threatening me but the laziness too. Being out of the normal weekly routine it is easy to forget the importance of exercising. We prone to liberate ourselves from any kind of work out on our holiday and just lie on the beach all day. 

+ Tip: Plan physical activity for your holiday. 

These activities do not necessarily have to be the same kind of work out what you usually do. Indeed, try something new, something fun, - but keep yourself active and make an activity plan..It is easy to schedule high-intensity exercises for these days too- for instance swimming. Most of the hotels have a gym and/or a swimming pool and can provide further information on other sports opportunities in the area. Cycling, horse riding, surfing, running, - does not matter what you do, but set up a target -like 40 minutes intensive swimming in the pool or 1 hour running on the beach- at least twice a week. Yep, you need self-control to do so, but you will feel glamorous not just before but after your holiday too.  

Have a nice holiday!

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