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Most of the mums admit that, oh yes, it would be great to do some kind of regular exercises, but, oh, God, I just do not have the time. Is it really impossible? Do you need to be a time traveller to find time for yourself?

Mums are busy and tired

Most of the mums admit that, oh yes, it would be great to do some kind of regular exercises, but, oh, God, I just do not have the time.I have to take the kids to nursery/school in the morning, then I have my working ours in the office /  housework than I do the shopping, prepare dinner, bath time, bedtime... and that's it. I am too tired to do anything else than sink down in front of the telly.
You probably live this "I have to - I must to" live, but this is what you really want?
Just stop for a second and step out from your everyday routine, and ask yourself: what really matters for me? Do I spend my time to get closer to those things what I really want?
Oh okay, there are "must" things, but why they lead you? You should be in control.

Let me give you where I got when I was thinking about my everyday routine. My 24 hours looks very tight. It is not fair, but everyone has the same, so I have to accept this. So I have to be very fast to fit in everything: cooking, cleaning, shopping, playing, working, chatting, relaxing, sleeping etc. Or I just need to prioritise and not to feel guilty about things missed. I am a Sagittarius, so I love making an order - even it does not lead to anywhere. So I just love looking at the clean cupboard, organised wardrobes and drawers in military order. But these things do not long more than a half hour  - especially if you have small children. and I have to admit that despite my addiction to order, I can not keep it up. So I had to realize that it does not make sense to spend too much time to keep ABC order on the children's this just takes away a lot of time from me. I also have to be conscious about not to feel stressed about this kind of "chaos". Okay, it certainly does not make me the "best housekeeper of the year" but this is not on my wish list anyway. My children -as all children - prefer if I sit down to play with them. And I prefer to do something that results in a healthier-happier-better looking- better qualified me. So doing exercises, reading a good book, spend quality time with my children or learn something new is more important for me than cleaning. Why did I spend my time organising books then? I tell you: because I acted automatically and I did not decide what is worth to sacrifice time for.
Yes, it is important to have a clean and working household. But this is not the most important thing in my life. and I am sure that my daughters will not remember how clean our cupboard was, but they will remember all lovely time together. Just think, what is that time robber activity in your day what does not lead to your goal, you just do it automatically?


So I decided to prioritise my tasks in order to have quality time with my family and some me-time too. I know that it works better for me if I do 3-4 workout a week to see the result. As I do not have too much time I chose a high-intensity activity, what will move around all my body and will burn the most calories - and this is running. I used to jog when I was single, so I know that jogging is a kind of meditation for me. Some people find it boring, but I reckon it is just great that you can listen to an audio book or music or radio while you are doing your work out. I tried fitness exercising too, but, to be honest, I hated that I had to count the movements...Probably I am who is too difficult. Anyway, I found that running is just perfect for me - no brain needed.
Of course, this is not the only way to burn calories. You can do 20 minutes high-intensity exercises 4-5 times a week using fitness DVDs or YouTube videos. I am okay to do my work out myself as I can motivate myself, but I know there are people, who need company or a trainer to keep focusing. It is hard, as the more preparation is needed to your work out the more likely that you cannot complete it. You spend your precious time sitting in the traffic on your way to the gym, or you just do not feel go out in rain or your babysitter is not available. So much better if you make a plan, schedule your exercises into your week - and keep tick all completed. This is more important than what kind of physical activity you chose.


Outdoor would be ideal, but I cannot leave my children, so I just bought a treadmill. There are advantages of treadmills like your can measure your activity level, calories burned, and it dictate the pace for you. If you prefer to go to the gym or do your exercise with a friend you need to organise the supervision of your children or schedule these activities when they are in school or nursery. And of course, it takes time to get there, and back, so it is a bit more complicated, but not impossible. Especially if you have family around and they can help you. I do not so I plan to do my exercises at home. But I understand that some people need the company and inspiration what a gym might provide. If you cannot leave the house and you do not have help, you can buddy up with another mum in your area. So you can get together and do exercises alternately: while one of you exercising the other play with the kids and swap. This means you have company and motivation. You two can motivate and inspire each other.


This is a difficult question, I have tried to do some exercises while both my children were with me. Well, my toddler had a great time, but it did not work. So my advice, if you want to concentrate on your workout, do it when somebody else care for your children or they are sleeping. I scheduled my exercises for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday morning when ideally they are still in bed, and my husband is available in that case if they wake up early. It is hard to get up so early, but this is the only possible time slot now - and I have to compromise.
I know that probably I have to be flexible and change my workout hours in the future.

So the most important steps:

1. Prioritize
2. Compromise
3. Schedule
4. And stick to your plan

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