Friday, 17 April 2015


I have reached my target what I set up nearly one year ago. I'm at my ideal weight now and thanks to the regular exercises I feel strong and fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again.

What now? Do you expect before-after photos?

Report at the end of my weight loss diet

I did it. It took one-year hard work, but I am what I wanted to be 1 year ago. I am at my ideal weight now which is 50 kg. I was even 48 kg for a short period of my life, but I'm happy with 50 kg now.

I managed to work down the down the "muffin top" the extra weight stored around my tummy.This was my biggest concern one year ago. When I was younger all extra weight distributed on my whole body, so it was not so obvious. But after my second pregnancy I noticed a big fat belt around my upper tummy. I know this fat stored around our torso is the most harmful to our hearts and general health. So I was desperate to get rid of it.

It has been a bumpy journey with ups and downs and the biggest challenge was to find my time to work out.

Do you expect before-after photos now?

Sorry, I have to let you down. Sharing before-after photos would be a great tool in my hand. However, to be honest although I took photos you would not see the usual big transformation. Losing 8 kg is not a spectacular transformation. I mean I lost weight from every body part in proportion, which can be measured in centimeters, but it is not so obviously noticeable on the photos. But the real reason not to share this kind of photos now, is that would mean that I got to the end of my journey. And it's not true. I haven't finished yet. There is still room for improvement and as I pointed out in my previous posts: weight loss diet is one thing, healthy life style another. 
If I would not bother to carry on an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits I would risk all the results of my hard work in the last one year.
Writing these I realized that probably I should share a fresh photo of me, this was taken this morning in our garden.
Well, I haven't transformed into a supermodel as you can see :-) But I feel good, and that's the point, isn't?

The biggest benefits of my weight loss diet

Coming to the end of my weight loss diet doesn't mean that I can lay back, stop working out or have burgers for dinner now on.
Finishing my post-pregnancy weight loss means only one thing:

I cannot use my two pregnancies as an excuse for my extra weight in the future.

Whatever I do with my body I cannot hide behind the hormone level, pregnancy cravings or breastfeeding excuses.

I have to keep an eye on my calorie- and fluid- intake and carry on exercising in the future too. Not just for getting back into shape but for keeping it up and for staying healthy and strong.

And at this point my beautiful daughters are not excuses but reasons to do it. After my first big weight loss in my early thirties, I promised myself not to go through this in my life again.
Well, I did not see that two pregnancies were waiting for me and what these were meant to my body.
But the earlier experiences gave me the strength and self-confidence that I am capable to do it again. And I did. Now, I think - if it is only up to me - I never again have to do dramatic weight loss in the future.

I do not know that future will drop on me. I know how mental and physical changes can intervene into our plans and turn our life upside down, but I always have my little magic: the belief in my own strength. And I know whatever is ahead I will be able to handle it. That is why I deeply believe that everybody who complete a weight loss diet successfully have a life changing experience. And this experience can give us so much confidence and self-esteem that it has an effect on other parts of our life too. For me this experience and feeling responsible for my family's health gave a new direction to my life: studies in nutrition and the certainty, I want to help others who are in the same situation. So I decided to carry on writing this blog and share useful tips, recipes and thoughts on motherhood, nutrition and weight management.

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