Sunday, 29 March 2015


Spring has finally arrived, so no excuse, it is time for spring cleaning. I mean my yearly detox week, when I go back to basics: yoghurt, lots of raw veg and fruits. After a detox week (or just a couple of days) our body can get rid of all the accumulated waste, our digestive system can recover easily. Not just our digestive system benefits from the fasting but our skin, our circulation and all the excretory organs. By the way, after a detox week we can loose weight more easily.

Hurray, detox week is here

I was really looking forward to this week, I felt that my body is ready for a spring cleaning. How did I know? I was more tired than usually, little spots turned up on my face and did not enjoy food as usually. My digestion slowed down and I did not wish to eat meat at all.

If you ask me, I say frankly, do not enjoy this week. But I know that I will get back my healthy appetite, energy level and clean skin by going through this, so I am very positive and excited. Not to mention that 4-5 lbs weight loss what comes with the detox week. I do not need to lose any more weight now, but I do not mind to get rid of this before Easter :-)
Here is my Day 1 report.

Detox week - day 1 report

This is today's menu:

Okay, a bit more of everything, but no solid food: only vegetable juice, fruit juice and yoghurt.
There is no limit, I can eat as much as I want, but only these three things - and some herbal tea.
I have chosen a Pukka Detox Tea again, it has a really pleasant taste and the aniseed, fennel and cardamom can support the cleansing process.

Of course having juices and yoghurt all day can make anyone grumpy, so I was careful not to plan any kind of stressful activity for today. Actually, I did not plan anything at all for today. I cooked for the family yesterday, so I do not need to torture myself. I even managed to have a nap with my little one today. For some reason - both my girls were tired, so it has been a slow and quite day.

Oh, I miss my cup of coffee...

I did not expect this but I do. So, I am sipping my herbal tea and try not to think about coffee and normal food. I did it well so far, I sit down with my yoghurt to the table when the rest of the family had meals and it was okay. I mean, I did not feel I would jump onto the table and wolf up whatever I can find in the serving bowls (chilli and rice by the way).

However, I think I will make and early night today. The best to cut this day short. Tomorrow breakfast will be wholemeal toast and yoghurt, they look like a feast after the juice day :-)

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