Thursday, 20 November 2014


Have you ever heard about dishwasher cooking? I have just read an article about it and .... even it is quite convincing, still sounds bizarre.

Okay, here are the basics: you can use your dishwasher for cooking - on the theory of poaching. Food kept on low temperature for a certain time can transform into a delicious and tender meal. Using a dishwasher just make sure your food is wrapped airtight so it will benefit from the moderate heat of your dishwasher - but not ruined by (soapy) water.

Poaching is considered as healthy way to prepare food as it does not need added fat. However  vitamins and other trace nutrients are lost during the cooking process, it is definitely a disadvantage. So there is a scientific theory behind dishwasher cooking but it is still looks weird.

Anyway I typed in "dishwasher cooking" into Google and voilĂ  -   there are so many recipes! It looks salmon is the most popular "dishwasher meal".

It made me smile that nearly all author note that you can put dirty dishes into the dishwasher while food is cooking on the top shelf, but actually all of them said they have decided just run a clean cycle... So we are not so brave.
I understand.
It is a weird idea to put your food there where dirt is circulating in soapy water. Not appetising.

Also it is a bit strange to do cooking and washing up at the same time, as usually cooking happens before meal and washing up happens after meal.

Anyway, it is an interesting idea but I am not convinced that it would be a green method of cooking.

Let's see how others' experiment turned out:

Here are a couple of recipes if you feel giving a try:

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Salmon Cooked in the dishwasher

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