Thursday, 13 November 2014


I usually get two kind of questions:

-How cannot you cook for yourself and do more work out?

-How do you have time to do cooking and work out with two small kids?

How cannot you cook diet meals for yourself and do more work out?

The first question comes from people who do not have kids. I know, it is hard to imagine that you cannot just put down your children and start do something. I tried, really, - and I found that doing push ups with a baby on your back and a toddler clinging on your legs is not hard - it is impossible.

Of course you can get up early - but it is really hard if you spent more time awake at night than sleeping because your little one was teething... In the evening... well, you are just exhausted.

The same is true for cooking: you do not have time to prepare two different meals: one for the family and one for yourself. Well, sometimes putting together just one meal can be challenging too...
Plus, if you are on a special diet, nothing is more attractive for your children than your - low sugar, low fat, high fibre - something on your plate. The problem with this that weight loss diet food does not cover the nutritional needs of small kids. And as soon as you put the same food onto their plate the whole thing just loses it's magic...

What about not eating together? I just cannot imagine myself eating hiding secretly in the kitchen peeping around if anybody is approaching.

Also your special treasured ingredients just disappear from the fridge... Very mysterious. So cooking separately for family and yourself very challenging - but not very rewarding.

Is this familiar to you?

How do you have time to do cooking and work out with two small kids?

I get this question from fellow mums of course.
Somehow it is easier to answer  the question than executing it.

I cannot give an "only-one-right" answer. I have my priorities and I just just find a way to make them happen.
I do cook because because I think home made, fresh meals are really important. Specially in the early age, this years will give the base of a healthy eating habit for my children. They always will remember the "taste of home", they always will remember what foods and what portions are good for them. I encourage them to get involved shopping and preparing food - and I believe this gives them right skills and lovely memories for their life.

Exercising is also on the top of my list - for my own sake and for my kid's sake too. I just do when I can and what I can - even if it is just running up and down the stairs while I am doing cleaning up or my regular 15-20 minutes workout in the morning. I always struggle to find a gap in my day to fit my exercising in and I have thousand other things on my to-do list - but this is important for me, so it is on the top of my list, and anyway it is already the result of a compromise.  :-)

“If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.”

― Jim Rohn

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