Wednesday, 25 June 2014


It has been a long relationship and - to be honest - it has not been an easy step for me. I am still in love, but I have made my mind up. My old love, croissant has to go.

I love croissant, although it does not have any nutritional value - it is mainly white flour and butter. Really half of it is fat and the other half is simple carbohydrate - no fibre, no protein, no vitamins, no minerals. On top of this it makes me so hungry shortly after eating it. So I have decided, croissant with jam or honey or - oh, my - with Nutella is not on the menu any more.  

Breakfast is really important to start a day. 
When I was in my early twenties very often I had my first meal around 10 am - which usually a cup of coffee and a scone were. Then I had a late lunch, and when I got home in the evening I ate a lot. Well, I was overweight then. Later, I realized, that breakfast is really important to maintain a healthy weight. 

Since then I try to have a meal within one hour after getting up. I know some people say, I cannot eat just after waking up. I know, I was the same. The worst thing what you can do is start the day only with a cup of coffee. The good news that being a breakfast-person is learnable. 
Wake up you digestive system with a glass of orange juice or other fresh fruit juice first, then you will be able to eat. Make time to have breakfast, sit down, have a chat with the kids or plan you day while eating. For me there are other benefits too: eating breakfast also makes me a better mum, as I can be very much irritated with rumbling tummy...

So I said goodbye to croissants and Danish pastries, but I am not sad at all, as I have new, adventurous and delicious friends and they make my mornings and all days afterwards happy. Let me introduce a few of them.

 This is my home-made granola with yoghurt, fresh raspberries and a skinny latte.

This is my fried egg on Sunday morning - of course I had two slice whole meal bread and some mustard too with it.

This is one of my favourite: porridge. I could not tell you how many variation I know. This the quickest one: banana and milled linseed with gojiberries.

This a light breakfast: strawberries and cottage cheese with lemon zest. It works well when I have a filling snack planned around 10-11 am. Also can be used as light snack. Yum.

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