Friday, 9 May 2014


Yes, I was wondering myself too.

Specially that the definition of the expression "yummy mummy" is quite controversial. According to Wikipedia yummy mummy is young, attractive and wealthy mother, who's hair and nails are perfectly groomed. It is clearly not a good mother's description and celebrity yummy mummies are even worse as they let us believe, that looking like this after one (or two or three) pregnancies is absolutely normal and to achieve it is easy-peasy:


Well, it is not. It is hard work - even for them, - and they have a (well-paid) team behind them: trainer, beautician, nutritionist, nanny etc.

This is definitely not me. 

First I wouldn't say I am wealthy. I would like to be, but I am not. :-(
I do not have a team behind me eider, my family lives far away and when they visit us they are rather guests then supports in my life.
Regarding the perfectly groomed nails and hair... well even to find time to wash my hair is challenging.
This is me five months after giving birth:
No high heels, no cocktail dress and no coloured nails...

What do I want then?

  • I want a healthy, happy, mum for my children
  • I want a sexy, balanced partner for my husband - and this must be ME :-)
  • and I want to see myself as a strong, active, healthy and attractive women. My self-esteem just need this.

I want these not because they are my partner's or my environment's expectations - and definitely not because these comes from the media.These are my expectations towards myself.
Reading my own lines above, it is clearly not the Wikipedia's definition of "yummy mummy" but this is my definition anyway.

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