Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I did not write about my progress recently, so I thought I give you a little update. Specially that Christmas is coming and we all know, this is the biggest challenge in every dieters life.

A kind of report

The best thing in a good exercise plan - beside that it must work of course - that you do not need to think about it. Just do it.
This is exactly what I do.
Five mornings a week I get up early and do my 20 minutes workout. Then I just do not think about it. I do not even weight myself as I can see and feel the results. Probably it is not so obvious for others yet - but I can see that my clothes - specially my trousers - are loose again. I can feel that squatting down and standing up with my daughter in my arms is not a hard exercise. Picking up toys from the living room floor all day long does not mean back ache in the evening. And I can see that muscles are developing nicely and I know next summer I will not be worried about my bulging mummy-tummy and flabby upper arms.
The price is only getting up 20 minutes earlier and do the exercises with high intensity. This is definitely worth it. And the plan is the same for the holiday season. There is no reason to stop: I will have time to do my work out and I enjoy it. I just keep doing it.

So I can concentrate on my meal plan.
I try to keep it simple. No complicated dishes or more then two course meals. Why? Because I can judge the calorie and nutrient content more easily. I do not count calories, but I think about the calories before making a food choice. Just to make my life easier, I always put together a  weekly meal plan (for the whole family). So I do not need to think when I am hungry. Sounds stupid but when I am really hungry I cannot imagine anything else on my plate than toast and butter... There was a hectic period in my life when I literally lived on bread and butter just because I was just too tired to think of anything else when I got home in the evening. Food planing and preparation is the best way to have a healthy and balanced diet - even if you are extremely busy.

There is other reason not to skip any exercise: I have found that on those days when I complete my workout in the morning - I am able to resist more temptation in the kitchen and generally I eat more healthily.
And I need this extra motivation around Christmas.

I know that the holiday season is the biggest challenge in every dieters life. 

I am not an exception neither. All that creamy, fatty, sweet and chocolatey temptation, what is part of our celebration, do not leave me untouched. So the best to be prepared. How?

Well, just think about these:

  • Visiting family and friends are not an excuse to stock up, offer and eat sweets, crisps, and heavy meals. Believe me, they will be grateful for lighter bites. 
  • There is always option for healthier festive food (if you have no idea where to look, I can advise you to buy the Healthy Food Guide magazine December issue, it is packed with great ideas)
  • Lighter does not mean compromise on taste, presentation and creativeness.
  • One piece of cake provide the same joy than two or more. Except that you feel guilty after the second one.
  • If you eat more, stay positive and do not give up your plans all together. Here is my previous post how to handle the DOWNS IN THE WEIGHT LOSS DIET.
  • And finally watch your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is the biggest (hiding) enemy. So set up your personal limits for the festive season.

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