Thursday, 4 December 2014


Most of the people think that healthy eating is only a tool to get slim and beautiful. We prone to forget that our health, physical well being and happiness is based on our food choices. So being overweight is not just an aesthetic problem, there are much more important reasons to swap to a healthy lifestyle.

Why we should embrace healthy eating?

To avoid illnesses

The most common consequences of unhealthy diet are diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. All these are related to obesity and usually loosing weight reduces the risk of these illnesses.
Beside genetic factors, the lifestyle - including diet - plays a role in the development of cancer. There are certain type of cancer what is deeply effected by diet like oesophagus, gall-, pancreas and bowel cancer.

To cure illnesses

Food is not just fuel for our body but by their vitamin and mineral content can be remedy too. Of course we need to choose food high in vitamins and minerals to boost our immune system, which is the most important step in order to help our body's own defensive system. Knowing benefits of certain foods/ food groups helps us to make right choices.

To be mentally healthy

Good nutrition is essential for the healthy nervous system. It is easy to see when we are hungry we are irritated or annoyed easily  and we cannot make right decisions. We can say that our diet in general has an effect on our emotional life. For instance body weight problems can lead to low self-esteem, depression, low interest in life in general. Food also can influence our stress and anxiety level or can be the reason behind insomnia.

To have a healthy social life

Yes, our food choices effect even our social life too. Do you think I went too far claiming this?  Just imagine that you are suffering from continuous bloating. Would you prefer to go out and socialize or stay at home and write posts on Facebook? But even just being too tired can effect your social life negatively.

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