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Who would not want to be slim and sexy as soon as possible? Here are the 6 most logical shortcuts in weight loss and why we should avoid them.

Of course, we would like to lose weight as quickly as possible - so we are desperate to do anything to get rid of fat. This is understandable and - very risky too.
Because most of the time shortcuts fire back and after a short period of weight loss - we may lose control over our bodies, or - what is even worse - and they could damage our health.

Why do we not take just laxatives?

Laxatives look a handy solution for weight loss: they prevent our food to be absorbed in our body, so no food absorption no calorie intake.
The problem is, that taking laxatives without reason or for a prolonged time really prevent our body absorbing anything: not just the calories - but vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will be missing from our body, not to mention that our bodies' fluid balance will collapse. Dehydration and lack of nutrients make us weak, dehydrated and unable to carry on with our normal every-day life. Our immune system becomes weak and unable to protect against illnesses. As our body is practically starving, it will use and store every calorie what become available after we stop taking laxatives, so quick weight gain is the result.
So taking laxatives is not recommended at all.

Why are fad diets wrong? 

They are so attractive: they promise effective weight loss quickly. It is easy to recognise fad diets: they usually offer a simple change in your diet - exclude some food or food groups from your diet (like carbohydrates or fat) and they say you do not need to torture yourself with workouts.
The biggest risk that these fad diets interfere with your metabolism and completely ruin that for a long time. As the majority of the lost weight is usually water, and your metabolism has been confused after the restricted diet weight comes back quickly.
Fad diets may also cause nutritional deficiencies - as vital nutrients are cut out from your diet. This can lead to muscle loss or hair and skin problems.

Why we just do not leave out work out and eat less?

Oh, yes, physical exercise is out of our comfort zone, but it is essential not just in weight loss - but generally in a healthy lifestyle. Eating less without physical activity probably results in a minimal weight loss at the beginning but, unfortunately, our metabolism slows down and our body starts burning less calorie. To speed up fat-burning and keep it up, we need to include physical exercise into our life. Besides reducing body weight, physical activity has other benefits too - like reducing high cholesterol, high blood pressure and risk of heart attack, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Not to mention that, yes, working out is fun - just find what makes you happy.

Why does replacement-diet do not resolve the problem?

My personal opinion, that replacement food is the best example how to make money with weight loss products without result. These portion controlled products seem to be a perfect solution to reduce the daily calorie intake in our diet. They fit into our busy lifestyle: no preparation or calorie counting needed.
However, they offer only a short term solution. Eating these products we do not learn healthy eating habits. So there are only two options: we maintain our weight eating meal replacement shakes and bars in the rest of our life or we stop eating them and we gain the weight back.
Also, many people even gain weight with meal replacement products - as they eat these and a meal too, - so they consume even more calories.

Why exercising more without changing our diet is not enough?

Raising exercise level is good, but without supporting food, it just does not work. Our body needs the right kind of food to get rid of fat and to develop muscles instead. Unfortunately high-fat and high sugar diet - even with extra exercising - will not give us the expected result. And our motivation to work out hard decline quickly if we cannot see any result.

Why promising diet pills does not work?

We want it, we dream of it, yes: losing weight overnight without even a minimal effort in our lifestyle. Let's face it: it is not possible. If our present lifestyle resulted  in body fat than that fat will not appear and stay away forever just taking a couple of pills.
Doctors shocked: Mom loses 1,5 stone within 4 weeks with an amazing pill
I know that you can see before and after photos just right next to the incredible headline, but have a closer look:
Somebody who has lost 1-2 stones just within a couple of weeks cannot have a perfect skin without any wrinkle or imperfection. This would need extraordinary genes and high-tech skincare. Or photoshop.
Remember: the recommended and healthy weight loss to a timely result is no more that 1-2 lb per week.
So next time when you read lines like above, remember, this is not the way to a long-term and healthy weight loss.

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