Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Women are prone to eat less protein  than needed. The result is lack of energy, weak muscles,  higher carbohydrate intake and anaemia. Also your weight loss process can stuck if you do not take enough protein.
Protein promotes growth and development - so we definitely need protein if we want to build muscles and lose weight.
How much protein we need? An average person daily protein need is 0,75g per every kg of bodyweight.
It is slightly more during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The obvious source of protein is meat, game, poultry and fish. Protein from these foods can be adsorbed the most efficiently by the human body.
However there are protein rich foods from plant sources too. Here are tips how can you raise your protein intake without eating more meat and poultry.


cheddar cheese on toast                  to tinned sardines to toast                     

butter on toast                                 to peanut butter on toast                      

cereals                                            to wholegarin granola or quinoa granola (recipe: here)

whole milk                                      to skimmed milk or whey protein drink

potato as side dish or in stews         to beans or lentil                                  

rice                                                 to quinoa                                             

crisps                                              to unsalted dry roasted nuts                 

breadstick                                       to cashew nuts                                     

croutons on cream soups                 to roasted pumpkin seeds                    

mayonnaise                                     to hummus                                            

bacon in sandwich                           to cottage cheese                                   

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