Monday, 4 August 2014


New dresses have been arrived into my wardrobe - as I promised to my self. I am absolutely ready for holiday.

 I promised a dress to my myself a couple of weeks ago and tra-la - they have arrived. Two size 10 dresses - one red with white dots, summer dress and a blue-ish occasion dress. They are lovely and fit perfectly. Okay I still can see the areas where some work needed - on my tummy for example, but we know that this takes time as this is a very stubborn fat...

Anyway I am ready for holiday. Can't wait to start packing :-)

I am really enjoying the summer this year already. I love when it is hot and you need sunglasses all the time -instead of umbrella.The best part of summer for me when we can have a little garden party or just we can have our lunch/dinner in the garden. Eating outdoor gives a kind of luxury feeling to me an the kids love it to. So this year I very often prepare picnic food as dinner even on week days. Vegetable and halloumi  skewers or tortilla wraps are perfect, but I have a new favourite now.

My husband's cousin showed me this recipe. This is a Mediterranean soup or refresher really - Bulgarian exactly but there are similar versions all around in the Mediterranean countries. You know the feeling when it is hot and you are hungry but you are just not able to eat? Well, then remember this cold cucumber soup as it is just perfect in hot weather - and by the way it makes only 5 minutes to make it:

Cold cucumber soup

What you need:
1 small gloves of garlic
1 whole cucumber
500 ml Greek style yoghurt
1 bunch of fresh dill
olive oil
salt and pepper

Peel the cucumber and cut into small dices, about 5 mm*5 mm little dices are perfect. Add the finely chopped dill, the smashed garlic and the yoghurt to the cucumber. Season and add about 2 tablespoon olive oil. While you mix these all together add some water just to make it more soupy. Put into the fridge for an hour and consume it cold.

Simple and delicious summer soup - plus you do not need to worry about the calories :-)

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