Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I am a hero again. We visited a friend today who was offering me lovely soup and baklava. I had a quick look at the appetising, sinful little baklava squares - and I said "no, thank you".

Being in the middle of my yearly one-week body cleansing detox, I realized how we are really bombarded by food related messages. When we step out from our everyday routine and see the world through a fasting / dieting  person's glasses, it is just unbelievable. Food is everywhere. Whatever we do, we cannot escape the temptation of food: food adverts on the street, on the telly, on the web, in magazines - on shopping bags. Street food smells from takeaway shops, from fast food restaurants and from other people's hand. And these are not the healthy kind of food. Calorie dense - high fat - high sugar food like juicy burgers and oily chips.

So I have learnt two things out of this:

#1 When I was a weight loss diet, I did not notice these, what means I was not hungry. So I did plan my diet well. It is really important to find the right balance. When we are not hungry, we are able to resist unwanted/empty calories. Look, I don't say that I do not wish for a burger when I see it on the giant poster in the bus stop. But when my tummy is satisfied, I can turn my head away knowing I do not really need that food. When I hungry I just sweep away every logical thought, my tummy leads me. And this is exactly what food marketing wants: customers who are not able to think before buying.

#2 We think, we decide what to eat. It is not true, otherwise the money spent on these food related messages would be wasted. We are affected by the food adverts, just like by other people's food choices. Okay, probably not all of them influence us in the same way, and not then and there when we see them. But we remember them, when we are in the supermarket, and they work. Just an interesting thing - on the motorway driving to London just a couple of miles before the services I always smell coffee. I really feel tempted to stop and buy one, but it is also make me wondering: how on earth they do it? I mean, the smell is so strong, it is not possible that you can smell freshly brewed coffee in the middle of the motorway, just like you would standing next to the coffee machine... If anyone know what is the trick, please let me know in a comment. Anyway this a good example how we are influenced unconsciously, and if you watch only for a day, you will be surprised how many messages reach you.

Detox week - day 3 report

Again toast and yoghurt for breakfast following by a nice cup of herbal tea. I am addicted to herbal tea by now, however it cannot fade the taste of my lovely morning coffee...

The only side effect of detox that I cannot speed myself up. Probably that's why I am longing after my cup of coffee.

I had some fruit for snack - little picnic with my little ones in the middle of our living room. They love this - all what we need a big bowl of diced fruit and a blanket. We had pears, mango and apples today.

This was my lunch today. I try my best to make it attractive :-) It is a beautiful colour-composition, and thanks to the potato and beans (hiding under the green pile), it was filling to.

Afternoon snack: 1 apple - just quickly as we were visited our friends and as I mentioned above - I managed to turn away from the lovely little baklavas. But there came the highlight of the day: one wholemeal bread roll with 1 slice of low-fat cheese and yoghurt. :-)

Anyway only 4 days left to go, so come on me, I can do it.:-) 

In the middle of my detox week I have to think about the Easter menu too. This year I decided to make a Braided bread wreath with poppy seeds and damson jam. Recipe is here.

This lovely sweet bread can be really decorative on the Easter breakfast table, and I am sure my daughters will love it :-) Probably I will make a little nest in the middle of the wreath and put in a painted egg or a chicken. Easy to make it, just put a little egg-size alufoil ball in the middle of the wreath before proving. so when it is baked, you can remove the alufoil, and replace it with a real Easter egg :-)
I can't wait to make it. 

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